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Monday, December 19, 2011


For the last two months, sports talk radio has devoted a lot of time to Tim Tebow.

Most personalities have said the young man is unworthy of playing in the National Football League (Skip Bayless being the lone supporter), but he somehow kept managing to win.

Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos faced an uphill challenge when they played red-hot Tom Brady and the New England Patriots on Sunday.

This time, there was no last-minute magic from Tebow, who had guided the Broncos (8-6) to four straight fourth-quarter comebacks and six straight wins.

Considering the Broncos were 1-4 before Tebow took over as starting quarterback, there seems to be no arguing with his success.

But I'm really here to talk about another side of Tim Tebow.

It seems he has been spotted on the field making gestures that could be construed as religious.

The New York Times thinks we should keep religion out of football.

By golly, if football is an all-American sport, then goldang it, we gotta separate church and state and ban this anti-first amendment behavior!

Never mind that the first amendment says NOTHING about the separation of church and state. Nor does the U.S. Constitution.

Never mind that if the media does not want to cover these offensive breaks in head long collisions by grown men runnng into each other at top speed for a few seconds of prayerful contemplation on what really is important in life, they could simply focus the camera on a cheerleader (for some good old deadly-sin worthy lust!).

You see, in America, we hold our atheletes to a high standard.

We can accept them partying with hookers and drugs in hotel rooms, cheating on their spouses, having sex in the rest room of a bar, killing dogs for sport and killing innocents in multiple drunk-driving incidents.

But we will NOT stand for them PRAYING!

That's just WRONG!

Besides, atheletes are ROLE MODELS.

Look at the impact that Tebow's behavior is having on our youth.

Earlier this week, some kids were suspended at a high school on Long Island for "Tebowing" — dropping to one knee in prayerful contemplation — in the hallways.

You read it right, folks.

We had some high schoold kids who were not drinking, not doing drugs, not engaged in unprotected sex.

None of those wholesome pastimes our public school system encourages.

These kids were thrown out of school for praying.

Maybe we should suspend Tebow for a few games and teach him a lesson.

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