From time to time, I've posted sports-themed posts on my other blogs, DiscConnected (music reviews and news) or Back In The USSR (political).

I decided to see if I could give ESPN 8 (The Ocho) a run for their money and started this blog.

I lifted the title from John DeBella's Philadelphia morning radio show back in the eighties.

Monday, March 10, 2014


Not so much a strike as a sabatical. 

I plan to take the month of April off from blogging, but decided I'd start this blog's break now as the ideas for subject matter have not been flowing anyway.

Although I seem to get hits on this blog, I've only ever had one follower (and he probably followed more out of obligation than interest), so if you drop by and do normally find this blog amusing, I'd appreciate the feedback.

Monday, February 3, 2014


It's as if I had strayed too close to a black star and when trying to escape it's gravity was propelled back to 1991.

You remember that Super Bowl (XXIV)-when San Francisco beat the Broncos by a score of 55-10?

Yesterday's debacle was just as lopsided.

After hearing for two weeks about Richard Sherman's outburst, I do not think I was alone in feeling enough already, play the game!

And after two weeks on hearing about the weather and how dumb the NFL was for selecting a northeast city without a dome, the weather was surprisingly a non-factor. Even though the Vegas over/under was 34 degrees, the temperature was an unseasonable 49 degrees.

Everything was in place for a good game.

Maybe not.

On the first play of scrimmage, the ball was hiked over Peyton Manning's head, and Seattle scored a safety.

And that was pretty much the high point for Denver, as Seattle walked away with the game, 43-8.

And believe me, it was not as close as the score might suggest.

I guess we had been spoiled, with roughly fifteen competitive Super Bowl matches in a row. I hope this is not an indication of things to come.

With the league talking about expansion, an already stretched pool of skill players will be that much more diluted.