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Monday, February 3, 2014


It's as if I had strayed too close to a black star and when trying to escape it's gravity was propelled back to 1991.

You remember that Super Bowl (XXIV)-when San Francisco beat the Broncos by a score of 55-10?

Yesterday's debacle was just as lopsided.

After hearing for two weeks about Richard Sherman's outburst, I do not think I was alone in feeling enough already, play the game!

And after two weeks on hearing about the weather and how dumb the NFL was for selecting a northeast city without a dome, the weather was surprisingly a non-factor. Even though the Vegas over/under was 34 degrees, the temperature was an unseasonable 49 degrees.

Everything was in place for a good game.

Maybe not.

On the first play of scrimmage, the ball was hiked over Peyton Manning's head, and Seattle scored a safety.

And that was pretty much the high point for Denver, as Seattle walked away with the game, 43-8.

And believe me, it was not as close as the score might suggest.

I guess we had been spoiled, with roughly fifteen competitive Super Bowl matches in a row. I hope this is not an indication of things to come.

With the league talking about expansion, an already stretched pool of skill players will be that much more diluted.