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Sunday, August 5, 2012


This post really doesn't fit on any of my blogs, so since I haven't posted here in a while, the sports blog gets the nod.

A while back, Stephen T. McCarthy and I spent a long time discussing the difference between "cute" and "beautiful."

Stephen himself did a post on the topic here.

While Stephen differentiates between beautiful and pretty, I have only three categories for women I find desirable.

Beautiful (or pretty)
Cute (often as a button)
Sexy (making thoughts quickly turn impure)

Not all categories are mutually exclusive, and one is not necessarily better than the other.

There are cute women who are incredibly beautiful and sexy, and there are women that I consider animal-magnetism sexy that by no stretch of the imagination would they be considered beautiful.

A certain commercial I have seen lately pretty much NAILS the definition of cute, so I thought I'd share that with you.

Here goes a lady who EXUDES cuteness!

Morgan Smith Goodwin

Is she cute or what?

Now here are a couple of ladies I would classify as beautiful:

Angie Harmon

Charkize Theron

Shall a pause and give you a chance to catch your breath?

Now for downright sexy, I usually turn to brunettes, and they're usually either Italian or Latina.

Sofia Vargas

Salma Hayek would also make that list.

So would Rene Russo.

Here's another one that makes my list.

I am not sure if the picture captures why, but if you have ever seen Jennfier Esposito act, her persona captures the East Coast attitude I absolutely LOVE in a woman, and she's pretty much a hottie, too.

Check her out on "Blue Bloods."

Jennifer Esposito

This is a fun debate, even though Stephen and I have not revived it in a while.

The field research can't be beat!

Hey sports fans-the Cardinals lost their starting quarterback on the opening drive of their first preseason game! Do you think Brett Favre would be willing to come back?

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