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I lifted the title from John DeBella's Philadelphia morning radio show back in the eighties.

Thursday, November 8, 2012


Nearly three dozen players on the Indianapolis Colts have shaved their heads in a show of support for coach Chuck Pagano, who is undergoing treatment for a form of leukemia.

When Pagano showed up in the Colts' locker room Sunday without his grayish hair or trademark goatee, player director of engagement David Thornton decided to bring in a barber following Tuesday's practice.

The idea was an immediate hit.

Andrew Luck became a new member of the no-hair club Wednesday morning - a team spokesman confirmed that Luck will indeed look quite different when he takes off his helmet before Thursday night's game.

Now here's my problem with all this.

People are so self-absorbed that they attribute far too much credit to people suffering from horrible diseases.

They "valiantly battle," or "fight the good fight" against cancer.

I am not insensitive to people who suffer from cancer, and in fact, I lost one of the people I cared about most on this rock to cancer, but all of that is simply bullshit.

Cancer is a disease that you contract. It is not a steel cage match against Hulk Hogan.

If you're lucky, our barbaric treatments will send it into remission for a period of time, maybe even long enough so that something else kills you first.

You don't fight it.

You don't battle it.

It eats away at you until you die.

If someone's cancer goes into remission, does that mean they were a better "fighter" than someone who dies?


Some people are lucky.

Life isn'f fair.

Some people die. Sometimes at too young an age.

That's the end of it.

Plus what about people who live with bald scalps every day?

Why aren't people shaving their heads in support of me?

I expect all of you readers to go out and shave your heads immediately!