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Sunday, December 2, 2012


While the core of my posts usually convey a position I believe in, I often take an extreme position and infuse a lot of humor (all of it funny to me) in a manner which could be offensive.

Case in point: my last post. It really does demonstrate the arrogance of the human species when we use some of the language we use when our loved ones face horrible diseases.

I do not mean to imply that these people do not demonstate COURAGE and CHARACTER during their illness. It just is not a "fight" or a "battle."

My father passed away last night. He had been slowly deteriorating this year, and I think after eighty-five years was ready to call it quits. Then he fell, and was facing several weeks of rehabiliation therapy.

As sad as his passing makes me, I respect that he simply refused food and water rather than follow a medical rehabilitation plan that would have returned him to a condition of (his words) "something the cat dragged in."

I am also pissed as hell at him because my flight was not until this coming Friday and I didn't get the chance to say goodbye.

Another point-I poked a little fun at the players for sahving their heads in support of their coach, and I really feel this is a touching gesture.

But the main news story that prompted this post today was not my father, it was the sight of the Colts cheerleaders having their heads shaved in support of their coach.

Anyone who has spent a lot of time around beautiful young women (and I certainly have not spent as much as I would have liked) knows how much care they take of their hair. I have no doubt that the lovely Megan pictured here is proud of her locks.

That is why I think it was such a touching gesture for her to have them shorn and donated to a charity that makes wigs for cancer patients!

Megan agreed to have her head shaved on television in front of a national audience if the team mascot, Blue, could raise $10,000 for cancer research by November 25.

More than $22,000 was raised.

Just when I give up on America, someone comes along and does something like this!