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Saturday, August 17, 2013


The Arizona Rattlers became the second team to win back-to-back Arena Football League Championships with a win over the Philadelphia Soul in a rematch of last year's contest.

I have always liked the Arena league-it's a football fix during the NFL off-season, and it's a bunch of players who are not paid millions (many have to have day jobs) playing a game they love.

And no one props the league up (like the WNBA, which would fold if the NBA did not dump millions into it-if you're an NBA ticket buyer, you're keeping that league afloat).

I let my season tickets go a few years ago but have been toying with the idea of getting them back. It is an affordable game, and is fun.

Sadly, the Arizona media, which is a half-step above Mayberry, paid no attention to the Rattler's season. As usual.

Every story I found on the internet was from the Philadelphia media.

Way to support the home team, Arizona newspapers and television.

So you had to hunt to find the games, including the championship game.

But it was worth the hunt, and worth watching.

Congratulations, Rattlers!

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