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Sunday, August 4, 2013


....alternate title "PHUC PHILADELPHIA"

All this bullshit political correctness makes me view my upcoming colonoscopy as a welcome diversion.

Okay, I get that Riley Cooper calling a black bouncer a "nigger" was maybe not a nice thing to do, and even more so an error for him since, as a Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver, he is in the public eye.

Recently, Philadelphia's mayor said that if Cooper worked in his office, he would seriously consider firing him.

Mayor Nutter says "all of us...should be offended by these comments."


Let's review.

Cooper was at a Kenny Chesney concert (maybe THAT is a firing offense), had an altercation with a bouncer and was captured on video saying he would "fight every nigger here."

And I will take it on faith he meant to offend.

First, Mayor Nutter, it was ONE comment. Apparently mayors do not need to know basic arithmetic in their roles.

And I certainly would not say that anyone should not be disappointed to hear of the incident.

But when the video surfaced almost TWO MONTHS LATER, all of America earned a collective  Oscar nomination for their faked shock and offense.

Why do I say faked?

First of all, Cooper sounds to me like a young guy who showed poor judgment when lashing out at someone in anger. I am simply not convinced that this is more than that. This guy plays in a sport where blacks are represented far more than they are in the general population, and I would find it hard to believe he would harbor strong bigoted feelings after years in integrated locker rooms.

Second, Cooper said what he said to one man. THAT man has every right to be offended.

I will even allow that any black within earshot has the right to be offended.

But all of the asswipes who saw the video two months after the fact and act like they were a victim do not have that right. 

Grow your sorry-liberal-politically-correct-go-along-with-the-crowd-ignorant-sheep-asses up!

Steven A. Smith on ESPN, evaluating whether the apology Cooper issued was "contrite" enough.

Piss off, you gelded, spineless corporate puppet! He did not call YOU anything, so he does not have to apologize to you. I just called you plenty and I'm not sorry about it.

Same to you Michael Nutter, who does not deserve to be mayor simply on the silly last name-if you fire someone who is good at their job for doing something perfectly legal (if in bad taste) while not at work, it makes you an ass.

I have to go to Philadelphia this week to settle some family affairs, but am tempted never to return until your sorry ass is out of office so I don't have to see your lame-ass face in that picture in the airport.

Cooper needed to apologize to the man at the concert, because he did react childishly and offensively.

And to his teammates, because he embarrassed the organization.

He did.

And that should be the end of it.

There would be some locker room and on-field antics until it fully was in the past, but it would eventually blow over.

And if the incident did not repeat itself, even those who felt hurt upon hearing of the slur, would move on.

Instead the team, in dire need of talent at wide receiver, suspends a man who would be a starter, which will also prolong this punk-ass drama in the media, where it has already received far more attention than it deserves.

America-why are putting a white sheet on this man? Lighten up and let it go!

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